Saturday, February 21, 2009

PROJECT: Sekou Odinga

Sekou Odinga is a freedom fighter and political prisoner currently held in the United States super max prison ADX Florence located in Florence, CO. My generation is very familiar with his son Yafeu Fula, b.k.a. Yaki Khadafi, 2Pac's comrade and fellow member of the Outlawz. Check this out for a brief statement on the Malcolm X Grassroots Movement website about Sekou.

This came about as a referral by a good friend/big sister/client, Aiyisha over at Disturbing Tha Peace (Thanks Aiyisha!). I was instantly honored to be awarded the privilege to work on the project seeing as how I was familiar with his story as well as the stories of similar freedom fighters such as Dr. Mutulu Shakur, Jamil Al-Amin, Mumia Abu Jamal, Angela Davis, Malcolm X. These are the ones they don't want us to learn about. They'll teach us about how courageously some of their "heroes" fought for things like slavery (The Civil War), and against this concept of terrorism. Don't get it twisted, there were/are a lot of GOOD people fighting the GOOD fight, but at the same time, we are also taught about the ones who died just so we could stay slaves, or violently take over somebody's land or natural resources.

This is a work in progress, and the general layout for the site. I'll more than likely change/add a few things, but we're currently awaiting feedback on the layout and design from Sekou. I'll definitely keep you posted!

"You know who it is, you know what it is...peace out."


  1. Sekou now has a new address it is as follows..

    Saturday, October 17, 2009

    PO BOX 700
    WALLKILL,NY 12589

    Just as some were horrified by the treatment of the so called terrorists at Abu Garaib prison, so it should be wITH those freedom fighters with African ancestry known in the US as the Black Panthers.

    As you read the information and continue to read the articles i will post as time permits, i ask for patience from those whom i have neglected, as i have ventured off my true path.
    I now realize and accept that i as continue to reside in the US as an African descendant, that i am obligated to keep my focus on those who have sacrificed far too much with far less return, those true freedom fighters worldwide.

    Suffice that,i accept thaty my focus as a semi retired retired attorney, nationalist, and social justice advocate must return to its natural state.

    In struggle
    Dr Milagros Garcia V

    Sekou Mgobozi Abdullah Odinga is a prisoner
    of a war that started more than 400
    years ago and that rages even today.
    “When we say prisoner of war, explains
    Odinga from behind the walls of Lewisburg
    Federal Penitentiary, “the obvious questions
    that should come to mind is, ‘What
    war? Is there a civil war going on in this
    country?” No, not a civil war. New Afrikan
    (Black) people are not part of this country.

    So, it can’t be civil war. Our people were
    illegally kidnapped and brought to this
    country more than 400 years ago. That
    was an act of war”
    “We have to distinguish first who we are
    and how we can be at war with the U.S.
    government, “says Odinga. “We are a colonized
    people, but many of us don’t understand
    what that means. A colonized people
    are a group or nation whose every aspect
    of life is controlled by another nation.

    Among the colonized, there are those who
    don’t accept the colonized force.
    International law gives them the right to be
    free and independent by ant means,
    including armed struggle. We want to
    establish a New Afrikan State. While participating
    in that war I was captured, which
    makes me a prisoner of war.

    He didn’t declare the war, nor did he
    start it. But Sekou Odinga, 49, and a father
    of eight, has committed his life to fighting
    back. First as a community activist, then as
    a Black Panther Party leader, and later as
    a soldier in the Black Liberation Army.
    Odinga earned international recognition
    from his efforts to educate, organize, and
    liberate Afrikan people worldwide. Even
    from behind bars, Sekou Odinga remains a
    cornerstone of the New Afrikan
    Independence Movement.

    Comprised of a
    broad coalition of New Afrikan-nationalist
    organizations, the NAIM seeks to establish a
    Republic of New Afrika in land currently designated
    as the states of Mississippi, Georgia,
    Louisiana, Alabama, and South Carolina.
    As part of its efforts to crush this movement,
    the United States has mislabeled Odinga as
    an outlaw, saddling him with a lifetime sentence
    for crimes that he did not commit.

    I/we all/ people who love freedom can now correspondand visit with this magnificient strong New African who has reached the epitomy of what it means to struggle.