Friday, March 6, 2009


I worked up this sketch last night and fine tuned it today. I'm gonna work on this and try to knock it out over the weekend. I need a break and breath of fresh air from work and deadlines. Shit is wreckin' my brain!

The title is "(Love) No More" and it will be a 30x24 acrylic painting on canvas. I haven't done any letters in ages so to re-tap my graffiti roots I went in on this. "(Love) No More" is somewhat of a prequel to another piece I've been working on, "Love's Destruction" which is a little more complex. I wanted to have fun with the next painting since my "I Pledge Allegiance..." piece was so intense, so I'll enjoy the simplicity of freakin' these letters.

Progression photo updates when I have photo progression updates!

"You know who it is, you know what it is...peace out."

Tuesday, March 3, 2009


This dog was havin' a helluva dream! LMAO!!!

"You know who it is, you know what it is...peace out."


I don't even have to say nothin'...just watch this shit.

"You know who it is, you know what it is...peace out."


I had planned on utilizing my blog to go in depth about much of the art and design stuff I'll be working on, and just recently I've gotten a few inquiries about the meaning of my submission for the City Of Ink's "ENOUGH IZ ENOUGH!: Artists United Against Police Brutality" Art Exhibit this pass Friday. So here we go with progression photos and details! Enjoy!

"I PLEDGE ALLEGIANCE" was inspired by a powerful photo from a series my homegirl TT Coles is working on. It was a Monday, a few days before the show and I hadn't locked in on a concept yet. I've been dwelling on pieces like this for 17 years! (since Rodney King and the L.A. Uprising) And as usual, there's so much to say in regards to the topic, so I wasn't clear on what stance or position to take with my piece. So, browsing Facebook, I noticed a new album uploaded by TT and one of the photos stood out instantly! Not only did the photo stand out, but the title and concept was there with it. So I called up TT and asked her for the images she had for that particular reference shot and she promptly emailed me what I needed to get started.

So after seeing the photo, the title came to mind. Even still, I wasn't sure on all i was going to try to say in such a short period of time. It was late Monday night and I had to have the piece done in a couple days. I tried to keep it simple, but my mind wouldn't allow for it. So I just went with the flow. And as I began to draw, create and paint, the message was further revealed to me. "I Pledge Allegiance" would be a tribute to the victims of police brutality, and give honor to those who have become political prisoners or lost their lives fighting in this struggle.

So the sista represents the foundation of the Black community. She is the mother of all of this we know as civilization. She represents Africa, the beginning. Her hand over her heart is her pledging allegiance to her community, those who've struggled and died, and to the continuation of this struggle. She's wearing a halo because she is a souljah sent by God to properly guide His children during these oppressive times. I'm also VERY big on angels (i have 5 of them tatted on me with more to go!). I think that some humans are God's earthly angels, me and my crew being a few of them. But in my depiction of angels, the one's with halos represent 360 degrees of perfection. She is the closest thing to God. Her war paint is obvious, the red is for the blood shed, the green is for our land, and the black is for the Almighty people. TT shot the photo this way, but it was very relevant in my concept b/c a phrase from an old Sista Souljah song played in my head, "We are at WAR! Black man where is your army!?!"

I incorporated the names of key people, some of which included: Fred Hampton, Sekou Odinga, Dr. Mutulu Shakur, Assata Shakur, Amadou Diallo, Abner Louima, Michael Pipkens, Katheryn Johnston, Rodney King, Adolph Grimes, Malice Green, Oscar Grant, Eleanor Bumpers, Bunchy Carter, Sean Bell, The Black Panther Party, B.L.A. (Black Liberation Army) and countless others. These names were placed on the piece for two reasons. Reason #1 has been stated above, reason #2 is because during the African Libation ceremony, names of the ancestors are spoken to call on their spirits and energy for guidance. This ritual is more familiar in the hood when brothas and sistas "pour out a little liquor" for a dead homie. This was/is rooted in African culture. So for my piece, I wanted to invoke the spiritual energies of those dead and alive to speak through my piece.

The burning buildings represent the ENOUGH IZ ENOUGH! They represent us being tired of talkin' and walkin'. They represent rebellion. This verse stuck in my mind as I painted this part:

"...we ain't talkin' no mo', we ain't squashin' shit wit po-po, and we ain't marchin' in the middle of the goddamn street 'cause Martin got smoked, niggas ready for war..."

This verse was from Krayzie Bone on Dead Prez's "Walk Like A Warrior" which was on heavy repeat as I painted.

To see the FINAL final version, make your way to City Of Ink Tattoo Shop and Art Gallery to see this and other fine pieces dealing with police brutality. If you're not in the city and would like to see the final, send me a nice comment and/or email and i might just send u a shot ;).

Overall, that's the concept and where I was coming from with this piece. And as always, I don't think it's finished. I'm the hardest critic of my own work. There's always something I think that needs to be done, corrected or fine tuned. I'm trying to learn to let it go since there's so much more to say about so many other things. Besides, the police just beat the shit out of a 15 year old girl. So I guess it's back to the drawing board huh?

"You know who it is, you know what it is...peace out."

Monday, March 2, 2009


Last week was a loooong, drawn out week. Whew!! I 'm so glad I got through that. Today is back to "normal", the creative hustle and grind. Projects to catch up on and to knock out. It's definitely time to make them donuts...

"You know who it is, you know what it is...peace out."

Snow In Atlanta?? WTF?

I had been hearing that it was gonna snow Sunday. And I'm like yeah,I know what Atlanta snow is like! On top of that, it was so warm on Friday, that snow on Sunday seemed impossible! Well low and behold, it snowed! AND IT STUCK!! I definitely had a foot in my mouth thinking that even if it did snow, it wouldn't accumulate. And it did exactly that. I think this is the worse it has snowed in my 12 years in Atlanta.

It was a somber, but peaceful day for me though. I felt that it would have been a much better day to experience with other elements present, but I enjoyed the day nevertheless. I didn't feel the pressure of having to do anything or go anywhere, and a day like that is always a blessing...

"You know who it is, you know what it is...peace out."


Man, Friday was a long yet eventful day. I didn't sleep much if at all from Wednesday to Friday trying to prepare for the City Of Ink's 2 Year Anniversary Art Exhibit, "Enough Iz Enough!: Artists United Against Police Brutality".

The day was very gloomy. It rained all day, literally! We were concerned about the turnout, but Miya said the show must go on! And boy did it! The house was packed to capacity! I almost missed the damn event by oversleeping on my 20 minute power nap that turned into almost an hour! I was so drained and had to take a quick rest before I got dressed. I ended up making it there close to 9ish and there was still a lotta love gathering.

I was excited to see some high school friends of mine who came to support the cause. Thanks to the twins Jamie and Jeff for coming out! And I hadn't seen my homegirl Terrilyn in YEARS!! We have a memorable moment in high school where we started a petition to get a Black author for our book of the month. See, it was February, Black History Month, and our goofy English teacher overlooked that fact by giving us ANOTHER European writer to study. We didn't see that as being adequate, since we only get one damn month out the year. He didn't budge, so we started a petition and ended up reading SULA by Toni Morrison! ;) We were born to Fight The Power!

After seeing the final display and presentation, I will say that I was a lot more accepting to the submissions. But when I walked in Thursday night to do the hanging, I was somewhat disappointed by them, as were my comrades. We didn't feel that the artists really "brought the pain". Not to say we were looking for angry, Fuck The Police pieces, but we were looking for people to convey that there has been a rash of injustices experienced from the police in the Black community this year, 2 or 3 of which have led to MURDER. So I/we were looking for work that was at least somewhat as aggressive as the tactics we're subjected to. Some people did pieces that were too abstract. Like, when you look at them, you almost couldn't tell if the piece was in the right show. But at the end of the day, it all panned out, as pieces from Torry Holmes, Just10, Corey Davis, Melvin, Craig "Flux" Singleton, Kermin Middleton as well as myself came in.

You can check out a few pics I took here. Oddly enough, I don't have pics of the actual pieces since by the time I got there it was a full house. But I'll update later today with pics of the display.

Thanks to all of you who came out to support our 2 years!! Please continue to do so as we have many great things on the horizon!

"You know who it is, you know what it is...peace out."