Monday, March 2, 2009

Snow In Atlanta?? WTF?

I had been hearing that it was gonna snow Sunday. And I'm like yeah,I know what Atlanta snow is like! On top of that, it was so warm on Friday, that snow on Sunday seemed impossible! Well low and behold, it snowed! AND IT STUCK!! I definitely had a foot in my mouth thinking that even if it did snow, it wouldn't accumulate. And it did exactly that. I think this is the worse it has snowed in my 12 years in Atlanta.

It was a somber, but peaceful day for me though. I felt that it would have been a much better day to experience with other elements present, but I enjoyed the day nevertheless. I didn't feel the pressure of having to do anything or go anywhere, and a day like that is always a blessing...

"You know who it is, you know what it is...peace out."

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