Saturday, February 21, 2009

PROJECT: Artistic Sole

Artist Sole is my client and extended fam', Imani of D.C.'s infamous Pinz-N-Needlez Tattoo Shop. City Of Ink artists make this shop home when they're catering to clientele in the D.C./Baltimore area.

So Imani, a super dope tattoo artist (who I'm patiently waiting to ink me!), fits the mold of most artists. That would be having a foundation in art, but being all over the board with the application it. So her company, ARTISTIC SOLE, caters to her endeavors as a tattoo artist/fine artist/kicks customizer/hustla of creative skills.

I was given the honor of re-mixing her logo and creating male and female versions. The elements were pretty much all in place, I just had to tie it together by giving it some SOUL! Here's the before and after:

Thanks Imani for allowing me to provide you with some visual soul! And if you are in and around the D.C. area looking for some soulful tats be sure to take your ass to Pinz-N-Needlez and get that shit right the first time! ;)

"You know who it is, you know what it is...peace out."

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  1. dope shit mr. soul, bigg ups to dc soul sista!