Monday, February 23, 2009


Passion is and ingredient that allows dreams to come true. It is a very important component in everything we do because without it, we wouldn't have the motivation to press on. It is required in achieving our goals and having healthy relationships with others. If you are passionate about you craft, as in my case art, you will walk through hot coals to reach your destination. If it is your friends, you will sacrifice any and all that you have to ensure they are well taken care of when in need. And if you are passionate about someone you love, you will go through extreme measures to express that to them so that they know you're there for them, even when it is assumed.

Your passion is what keeps you up late at night working on multiple projects...or what keeps you in front of a canvas for hours upon hours, leading into days, to complete a masterpiece. It's what allows you to give your last $10 to someone because your desire to help them is greater than helping yourself.

I've been passionate about a lot of things early on in my life. My art, my family, my friends, the pursuit of truth...these are things I would die for. I remember me and my creative crew use to take chances looting art stores and hardware stores for supplies and paint because we were determined to be heard through our art. We couldn't really afford those things at the time, however our passion drove us to expropriate these items because the ends justified the means. Although many of us have taken different routes in pursuing our dreams, I can look to each one of them today and see that their passion has continued to carry them on.

I've always been very big on my family and friends. It is a great fortune to have such a supportive network of people around you. Family and friends, if they're true, will always continue to motivate you and remind of you why it is you're doing what you're doing. I know sometimes I get so caught up in playing circus clown, juggling all these responsibilities, that I sometimes lose my focus. But it's usually someone close who reminds me of what I've set out to do, and why it is important to keep going strong. They remind me that I've always been passionate about my work, even when I don't think I am.

Some people lack passion, or operate on a half tank of it. They try to pretend with themselves and others that the are deeply involved in things, but you can tell by the fruits of their labor, or by how it rubs off on you. At some point it will become evident that they are not only posing, but risk the chance of sucking you dry of energy necessary to achieve your own goals. Be careful of these people as they often lack purpose and will detract you from yours.

So what are YOU passionate about? Is it someone special? A project you've been working on? Helping another person when in need? Whatever it is, identify with and latch on to it real strong. Use that to get through those tough times...and at some point all that hard work and focus will manifest into positive things.

"You know who it is, you know what it is...peace out."


  1. Ditto, That word is constant in my vocab. The people that don't overstand it need too because it can take you beyond who you really are