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ENOUGH IZ ENOUGH!: Artists United Against Police Brutality


ATLANTA, GA – January 27, 2009 – The City of Ink, Atlanta’s best dressed tattoo shop and art gallery, will be hosting its second anniversary show on Friday, February 27, 2009. The show, "ENOUGH IZ ENOUGH!: Artists United Against Police Brutality," will showcase a range of artists and their interpretations in regards to police corruption and violence against citizens. Last year’s one-year anniversary show, "Schizophrenia," drew over one-hundred spectators to the small shop situated in Atlanta’s historical Castleberry Hill District. The interest from artists and art lovers alike has already ensured that the gallery will be overflowing.

The controversial theme shall be reflected upon by 30 artists and the show promises to be thought-provoking, revolutionary and necessary. The day of the show is also the 23rd birthday of Oscar Grant, the young father in Oakland, CA who was fatally shot in the back by a BART Officer on New Year’s Day. While the date of the show was not intentionally planned to fall of Grant’s birthday, the show’s organizer, Kevin “mr. soul” Harp, realizes that it was much more than happenstance.

“I feel that the recent revelation that February 27 is Oscar Grant's birthday is a divine revelation that we are doing the right thing. Miya (City of Ink’s Co-Owner) selected the date randomly, so we had no way of knowing,” expresses Harp.

Along with Oscar Grant, the names Fred Hampton, Kathryn Johnston, Amadou Diallo, Abner Louima, Malice Green and Rodney King, resonate in the hearts of citizens who have more than grown tired of the abuse at the hands of those who have taken an oath to “Protect and Serve.” The City of Ink is encouraging artists of all kinds to express that pain on canvas, on paper and in song.

“Pain inspires art and seeing people in pain because of the abuse of power has inspired me to make a statement for this injustice. No matter what your race is, when the police treat humans like animals, we as a people must stand up together against evil,” shares Miya Bailey (Master Tattoo Artist & Painter).

Other shows at The City of Ink have been very successful, attracting Atlantans who yearn for art that tugs at the heart and touches the soul. These shows include, “24 Reasons to Live (Tattoo Edition),” Miya Bailey’s solo show “Miya's Dreamland” and “Transgression,” featuring the works of mr. soul and Goldi Gold and the “Life In Motion” photography show.

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About The City of Ink

Under the ownership of Miya Bailey and Tuki Carter, the City of Ink—which opened its doors in February of 2007— fosters and homes the talent of many established and emerging fine artists. The shop is decked with paintings and prints that challenge gallery visitors to think and inspires artists of all mediums to create.

As tattoos are becoming a more common accessory, cookie-cutter and ambiguous tats no longer attracts the shock and awe from the general population. As more and more people are finding new ways to express themselves by being inked, our talented and artistically diverse group at City of Ink customizes pieces for each client, be it a bold statement or a muted visual motif.

In a little over a year, City of Ink has tattooed artists like Sean Garrett, Young Jeezy, America’s Next Top Model Eva Pigford, Big Pooh of Little Brother, Nivea, Young Joc, Gorilla Zo, DJ Don Cannon, Latoya Luckett, and Canibus, to name a few. We’ve also hosted five art shows to date:

There’s a reason tattoo lovers are frantically trying to schedule appointments at COI. Beyond being the most versatile, and encompassing such a range of talents, City of Ink is the best-dressed tattoo shop in ATL.

"You know who it is, you know what it is...peace out."

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