Monday, October 19, 2009

4 Tha Kids

Today didn't start off great like some of my other days. As a matter of fact, the day started off not good at all. I know I possess the power to control the outcome, and so I began to reflect on these photos my friend Allison took of me while I was with here 5th/6th grade students last week.

This was definitely one of the most joyous times I've had in a while. Children are always a good source for positive energy. Especially this group of kids. Many of them lost family (mothers, brothers, sisters, fathers) is some war over some dumb shit probably. But their spirits were so strong and positive. They began sharing some of their stories and honestly, I wanted to shed a tear. One of the young girls was on her way to "freedom" when a bomb hit the camp they were at, killing most, if not all of her family. But her spirit poured positive energy into the project we were working on, and so I had to take a note from this young lady for changing the course of my day today.

I had the chance to speak to the kids about the art of sketching, as well as participate in an assignment they had started prior to me coming. Since I was behind on the linoleum burnishing project, one of the great joys was having one of the students "teach" me his technique, which really helped me make my way through.

I am very proud of myself for taking the time to share my skill and experience with these kids. They showed the utmost appreciation and were very attentive. Far better than some of these BS clients/people I have to deal with! But more importantly, I am thankful that these children have found a good way to channel their stories into their artwork. I know what it means to be able to unleash the negativity in the form of a beautiful piece of work.

Extra special thanks to my good friend Allison for inviting me out and taking these great pics. Thanks also to my creative comrade Goldi Gold for inspiring me to write this blog. I didn't really intend on doing anything other than post the pics, but it was a pleasure to share this with you!

"You know who it is, you know what it is...peace out."


  1. Its ALWAYS Good to Reflect on Positive Things When the Negative Things Back You into a Corner and we ALL have days like that. Thanks for sharing this inspiring blog. Its a pleasure to see a brother doing positive things for the children. THEY NEED & DESERVE IT! Peace....

  2. wow.............

    it's great to see someone making a difference with the next next generation, cause they sure need encouragement. Hang in there with doing the right thing and God will order your steps in the other things that come your way. We're all children, some of us just need a good ass whipping, remember that when dealing with your clients to make you laugh. Take it easy Kevin